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Her transcript...


Home and Away: Welcome to the Home and Away chat room!
Christie Hayes: Hey guys, it's Christie here! If you want to ask me some questions I'm here, ready to answer them!

Home and Away: Our first question is from Sara! She asks: What's it like living with Kate?
Christie Hayes: Hi Sara! It's so much fun living with her. I live with her because my parents live in Queensland and I've lived with her for a year. It’s like a constant holiday. They’re very supportive and secure, and it’s a very secure place. It's helped me out a lot and I feel safe and very comfortable!

Home and Away: Shkip has the next question: I'm a fan from way back! I'm just wondering, how old are you?
Christie Hayes: I am 15! My birthday is next month on 31 October.

Home and Away: Chanelle asks: If I sent you a letter, would you write back?
Christie Hayes: Yes, I would love to write back! But if I take a long time, forgive me Make sure you check out my website at and you'll get a faster reply from me! :)

Home and Away: Sarah_rulz asks: Christie, I was wondering how you got into TV shows, because I am interested and I want to know where to start?
Christie Hayes: Hello Sarah! To break into the industry is not scary The best thing to do is get into acting classes. Decide whether you really want it.  If you do, find an agent and be prepared for hard work, because it isn't all glam. But if you really, really want it I say, ‘Go for it!’ because it is so worth it!

Home and Away: Fluffy asks: What do you think is the best part of working on Home and Away?
Christie Hayes: The best part of Home and Away is the experience, the learning process, the people I work with. Also, the fame is a little bit cool as well. The most important aspect, and the most rewarding, is doing what I love, which is acting – and making people feel emotions and trying to make them feel laughter or sadness. And trying to create a character and to bring it across on screen so it is as believable as possible.

Home and Away: Lisaw asks: Have you ever climbed the harbour bridge?
Christie Hayes: Thanks for asking me an original and interesting question! But no, I haven't climbed it yet but I am hoping to one day because all my friends have told me to do it.

Home and Away: nz_homeandaway fan asks: What was it like to act out the catfight with Jade? (We saw this last night in New Zealand)
Christie Hayes: It was so funny, because Kate was paranoid about hurting me when she threw me to the ground. They had a stunt guy there. They did it in shots, so the one where I fell to the ground I got a bruise on my knee as had to fall on the hard studio ground. Kate and I were trying not to laugh, because we were trying to go for it.

Home and Away:
Jessie asks: Do you get nervous when you have to kiss Seb?
Christie Hayes: No I don't at all! Because kissing Mitch is like kissing my brother. He is like my brother and there's no chemistry between us, we giggle and laugh and act like an old married couple. We just act it out and laugh, because it's a part of my job. :)

Home and Away: Daniel asks: Is this the first TV show you've starred in?
Christie Hayes: Hi Daniel! In 1999 I played a storm princess called Maria in Search for Treasure Island 2. I was a main character in that, but it only lasted three months and it aired at the same time as I appeared on Home and Away.  This is probably the most well-known show I've had to star in.

Home and Away: Emsta asks: Have you ever injured yourself on set?
Christie Hayes: Hi Emsta! This is a good question. It's nice and original…um, no. We're pretty well looked after on set. If I were to injure myself It would be because I would be mucking around on the wheelie chairs outside the studio with Mitch, Chris and Kate. But when we're on location such as on a cliff or rock, there's always a stunt person near us just in case we're too close to the edge – so there's no way we can ever injure ourselves!

Home and Away: Jo asks: How much has your life changed in the past year?
Christie Hayes: In the last year and a half when I started, it's been a huge transition because I've moved away from home. I've gone into a whole new world in a very fast-moving industry. And it's changed in that I've grown as a person. I've experienced this incredible amount of independence, and being recognised on the street has been a huge thing! I've learnt a lot about being on TV and I've learnt about how to be a better actor, which is cool because that's what I love doing. It's great because I've changed in a positive way, but with all these things I'm still the same plain Christie. :)

Home and Away: Funky_Gal asks: Do you enjoy attending premieres and parties? Which is your favourite celebrity that you've met?
Christie Hayes: Absolutely! I love attending them. It's so exciting when we get a huge envelope, which we know is a premiere invitation. Premieres I have been to are The Dish; Save the last dance; Swordfish; Dude, Where's my Car?; The Mikado and The Fast and the Furious. The most famous guy I've met (I am so in love with him), is Paul Walker, who is in The Fast and Furious. At the after-party it rocked! It was so amazing!  Today I've just been invited to the Legally Blonde premiere. And I'm going to that too!

Home and Away: Keeley asks: What is your favourite food?
Christie Hayes: I love Italian food! My favourite food is spaghetti bolognaise
Christie Hayes: I also love chicken salad. And chocolate, of course! Also roast dinner. Sometimes Chinese, Thai and Indian. Tuna – I love heaps of tuna! Brain food! And I also have a sweet tooth for strawberry dunkaroos!

Home and Away: chris_egans_gal asks: If you were to be any other character on the show who would it be?
Christie Hayes: I would be Dani because I like her feistiness. She's one of the Sutherland girls, and she's a cool chic who dresses really cool! But I like Kirsty though. :)

Home and Away: Everyone asks: Do you still go to school?
Christie Hayes: I don't have time to go physically, but I study by distance education. And I do school by correspondence. I'm in Year 10 and about to do my school certificate.

Home and Away: Christie_biggest_fan asks: Do you all get along behind the scenes of Home and Away?
Christie Hayes: We all get along fantastically. I'm closest to Kate and Mitch. Kate's like a sister I never had, and Mitch is like my best friend. I call him 'Itch' He calls me 'Scratch' We're like a team.

Home and Away: Miss_Sunshine asks: Is it hard going out in public?
Christie Hayes: It's not hard, but sometimes if I'm in a really bad mood, or tired or upset, and walk down the street and everyone's looking at me, I go 'Please, not today.' But when little kids come up to me it makes me feel really good, knowing I can make them happy by writing something for them. Sometimes people respect me, or not – it goes both ways.

Home and Away: Jodie asks: Do you get to see your own family very often?
Christie Hayes: Hi Jodie! I was back home in Mungindi last Thursday. I was there for four days. I get home every couple of months. My eldest sister lives down here because she's 18. I try to go home and see my younger sister and parents whenever I can – it's like a huge welcome when I go home.

Home and Away: Everyone asks: Do you have a boyfriend?
Christie Hayes: Yes, guys! I do have a boyfriend, his name's Jeffrey. I've been with him for over a year and we met back at home in Mungindi. He's a tennis player. We're really close
because we've been together for a long time. He's very talented. So hopefully we'll turn out like Brooke Shields and Andre Aggasi, but minus the divorce though *LOL*. :)

Home and Away: When asks: Does your boyfriend mind when you have to kiss Mitch?
Christie Hayes: *LOL* Well of course he feels jealous, but he understands it's a part of my  job. He's not possessive. He doesn't get angry – he laughs it off because he knows I love him,
and he respects that it's just a part of what I do.

Home and Away: Shamona asks: Was it scary when you shot your first scene?
Christie Hayes: My first scene…I remember that it was on location it, was about a year and a half ago. I was really excited, not nervous because I knew this would be what I'd be doing for the next couple of years. I was only 13, so really little! My first scene was with Chris Brendan McKensy and Kate but I became very close to Kate that day: we bonded straight away. I knew Chris already as we had gone to school together. It was just a lot of fun.

Home and Away: Kewl asks: If you could be a famous person, who would you be?
Christie Hayes: I would be Jennifer Lopez! :) Jennifer Lopez because she's gorgeous and
talented. I'm actually aspiring to be like her. I also like her style of music as well. It's R&B, which is the kind of music I'm wanting to get into. And yes, if I get into singing, it'll be R&B, which isn't too ‘poppy’.

Home and Away: U asks: Are you very fit or are you a couch potato?
Christie Hayes: I'm so not a couch potato because I don't have time to relax! :) But when I do get time to relax I do want to be a couch potato! I go to the gym and I laugh a lot which is actually a good work-out because it gives my tummy a great work-out!

Home and Away: Katie-Lee asks: Christie, what is it like to work with other such talented actors?
Christie Hayes: It's fine. It's a whole different flavour because every actor has their own style
and their own aura, and you learn a lot of different things from them There's usually one thing that not everyone does. It makes it very supportive and very secure. And makes it a lot of fun. :)

Home and Away: I_love_Christie_Hayes_so_much asks: Have you ever been in hospital?
Christie Hayes: No I haven't. Apart from one time when I was in the doctor's surgery of Casualty because my sister threw a plastic boat into a huge glass light above the bath which fell onto me. I had to get stitches on my knee and to this day I still have a scar. But I have never broken a bone!

Home and Away: Vonnie asks: Do you get in trouble if you play up at work?
Christie Hayes: It's a team effort to work on Home and Away, so we have to come together  and work as a team. I don't play up on set because it's where I have to be professional and serious. I would probably play up in the tutor room, but I haven’t. But I haven't gotten into trouble. Although there was one time where I laughed on set. I wasn't in the scene, but they had to redo the shot as there was this little laugh in the background. But no, I've never been in trouble.

Home and Away: Sunshine asks: What advice about self-esteem would you give your fans?
Christie Hayes: You have to feel self-satisfied and worthy with yourself Don't feel you're not  good enough to be on TV  because nobody's perfect. If people put you down, just believe in yourself because you can't keep everyone happy. Just believe in yourself and be self-satisfied. Because that's all you can be.

Home and Away: Dolly asks: How tall are you?
Christie Hayes: I'm 172cm!

Home and Away: David_cool asks: What is your middle name?
Christie Hayes: My full name is Christie-Ayrna My middle name is Lynne And my last name is Hayes So it's Christie-Ayrna Lynne Hayes!

Home and Away: IrReSiStAbLe says: There are a lot of people online! Did you expect such a big outcome in the chat?
Christie Hayes: I didn't know what to expect! I'm so excited because I didn't think so many people would want to talk to plain old me! :)

Home and Away: Abs asks: Do you make a lot of mistakes when you are rehearsing?
Christie Hayes: Sometimes, of course! It's mostly I make with my moves – on what line I have to walk Sometimes I don't get my dialogue correct, but everyone does, it's part of it. And the bloopers can be really funny!

Home and Away: Nicolin asks: how much do you resemble your character?
Christie Hayes: Not at all! I look like her but that's about it. I'm not that much like Kirsty, she's very different to me I suppose. She comes from a different background and has different morals, so she's not really like me at all.

Home and Away: StarLight27 asks: What is the best experience you have had in life?
Christie Hayes: Probably starting Home and Away, and also when I was about 11 I did a bit  of modelling which gave me confidence, which is necessary for what I do now.  But acting, creating a character and getting fans, is probably the most important thing. And my family  moving to Mungindi, my new hometown.

Home and Away: Several fans have asked: Do you have any pets?
Christie Hayes: I have a big dog called 'Buffy'. None actually live with me, they live with mum. I have a Jack Russell called Max: he kills all the snakes on the property.
Kate and I bought a couple of goldfish called Beavis and Butthead. Mine is Beavis and Kate's is Butthead They live in my room and I feed them every night.

Home and Away: angelcreekfreak asks: What are you afraid of?
Christie Hayes: I am afraid of...can I just have a second? Oh if I see a movie with scary things I get scared. But I don't really get scared by people much.

Home and Away: Auto asks: Who inspires you the most?
Christie Hayes: My mum because she's just like me, and she encourages me. And she knows me inside out. I suppose she gives me the most support. I'm inspired by actresses like Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears and Kirsten Dunst because they're so young, and doing so well. But the people I'm mostly blown away by: my mum is such a fantastic person...

Home and Away: Fluffy asks: If you could pick the person, who would you most like to guest star on the show?
Christie Hayes: Paul Walker or Heath Ledger because they're downright hot. But Heath Ledger's been on before. If Michael Beckley didn't play my dad on the show I would love it to be Mel Gibson because if I ever got to play a role alongside him It would be the most  honoured I would ever become. :)

Home and Away: Cpaw asks: What sort of books do you read?
Christie Hayes: I like to read serious books My favourite book is 'My life is a toilet'.  It is so funny!

Home and Away: Priscilla asks: Do you go overseas a lot?
Christie Hayes: I've been overseas to Thailand and New Zealand. I went to New Zealand to film a commercial when I was eight. Then I went to Thailand in 1999 when I was 12 or 13, after I finished filming Treasure Island, as I needed a break! :)

Home and Away: Carly asks: What is your favourite charity?
Christie Hayes: The Salvation Army because I believe in what they stand for as they're a Christian fund and I'm a Christian. So yeah, The Salvation Army.

Home and Away: Dance89 asks: What nationality are your parents?
Christie Hayes: I'm actually Aboriginal. My dad's Aboriginal. My mum's from England. So my father's side is Aboriginal and my mother's side is English.

Home and Away: Nat asks: What do you on your days off?
Christie Hayes: I see my boyfriend. I watch him play tennis, or we go to the movies, or hang out at the beach. Or I stay at my sister's house. We relax because on my days off I don't feel like doing much except for watching TV.

Home and Away: Beaus_gal asks: How was it pretending your baby was a bag of rice?
Christie Hayes: It was so much fun because I'm so in love with children and get really clucky. So when I got the opportunity to be an onscreen mum I cuddled the bag of rice. Kissed it and everything! It was so much fun! :)

Home and Away: abby asks: Did you enjoy the experience of the Logies?
Christie Hayes: The Logies were fun.The best thing was walking down the red carpet, choosing my dress, getting my hair done, watching Ricky Martin and seeing Tammin get her award. I was so proud of her! And I guess hanging out in Melbourne with my best friends. :)

Home and Away: Jo asks: What would you like to see happen to your character?
Christie Hayes: I would like to see my character develop from a sporty tomboy to a sophisticated young woman. I'd like her to discover who she is and to focus a bit more on her studies. I'd like her to become a singer or something different to what she's doing. I've asked the writers to make her into an actor because it's so different to Kirsty and I'd like her and Seb to become a very committed couple.

Home and Away: smiles asks: Was auditioning for Home and Away hard?
Christie Hayes: The auditioning process was long. Longer than anything I'd done. I had to audition back and forth seven times and there were about 500 girls who went for the part, so I heard. It was nerve-wracking and exhausting because they were trying to mix and match the families together. It was long, but worth it. That's how I became so close with everyone, because I auditioned with them to see how we were as a family. They were considering putting me as the character of Dani, but I like being Kirsty. And that's where they left me, so I'm happy at where I am today. :)

Home and Away: Angel1098 asks: What are you like in real life?
Christie Hayes: I am just Christie. I'm more grown up than my character. I'm independent. I'm a Christian and I'm just a sensitive person.  And soft-hearted.  I'm just one of those types of people who's a homebody – I don't like going to many parties, I love being with my family. I'm a country girl and I love going home to Mungindi. I don't like people judging me when they don't know me and I love going home where I can just be myself.

Home and Away: Junior asks: What is your favourite colour?
Christie Hayes: My favourite colours are orange, silver, yellow and aqua!

Home and Away: aaaaaas asks: What subjects are you taking for your school certificate?
Christie Hayes: I love English! It's my favourite subject! I'm also doing Careers Computer Studies, but I was horrible at it so I quit it. English is my favourite. I hate Maths because I can't understand it I hate it! :P

Home and Away: Fiona asks: What is your star sign?
Christie Hayes: I'm a Scorpio! I was born on Halloween, October 31st.

Home and Away: Elise asks: What has been the most embarrassing scene?
Christie Hayes: It was a scene I filmed yesterday.  I won't say much but I had to be all adult and flirty. It so wasn't sexy at all! :) I was so not sexy...*LOL*

Home and Away: Everyone asks: Are you planning to go into movies one day?
Christie Hayes: Yes! I would love to produce, direct and write a film. It sounds like a lot but I've been planning it for the last four years. Chris and I would like to do movies together It's something I love and something I really want to do!

Home and Away: Melanie_chick asks: What do you have to say to people who thinks it’s cool to smoke or take drugs?
Christie Hayes: It's not cool! It's a waste of money. If you smoke you get bad breath! Yuck teeth! And there's nothing worse than seeing a girl with a cigarette hanging out of her mouth. If there are girls out there smoking or drinking trying to impress a guy they like, it's so not attractive and guys aren't impressed by it at all. My boyfriend doesn't smoke or drink And that's one of the reasons why I respect him.

Home and Away: Rosie asks: Can you estimate how many times you've signed your autograph?
Christie Hayes: Gosh! When we do appearances we have to sign our autograph 500 times So I've probably signed it about 3000 times!

Home and Away: dance89 asks: Do you ever get cold cause you guys always seem to be in summer clothes?
Christie Hayes: Yes! Thanks for realising that! We'll be wearing a bikini at 5am on a winter  morning But hey It's Summer Bay! And it never gets cold there. :) We do get cold but we just have to learn to pull it off...:)

Home and Away: Are you right or left-handed?
Christie Hayes: I'm right-handed.

Home and Away:
Rach has the last question: If you had three wishes, what would you ask for?
Christie Hayes: Stop poverty throughout the world Tell everyone to enjoy happiness, and for me to be financially comfortable throughout my life.:) Thank you so much everyone for taking the  time to want to put up with me! I'm so sorry I didn't get time to answer everyone's questions. I hope you all learnt something more about me tonight, and thank you all for your  overwhelming support! You guys rock! Love always, Christie xxx